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Put up or shut up.

Whippie friggen hullabaloo! Hey peers, I thought I'd open a can of worms tonite!

I just wandered into the morass of an animal rights person, who would willingly torture, kill and mutilate any human that even insnuates that those pretty animals are beyond reproach. What a friggen loonie. Sure killing for sport or fetish is wrong, but if some idjet wants to club a seal or a dozen, and some criminal but necessary governemnt profits from it and people want it (real fur does feel nice on a sultry warm shouder), what's the difference then from killing a cow for cheap leather or a soldier for cheap oil.

Yes, I am a member of the most cruel, ignorant and selfish society known to this planet since the dawn of time. What, maybe then I am a mean person because I find it all disgusting, but, also realist who thinks letting a steam-roller roll over me to protest some Palestinian housing or starve myself because little piggies are being bled out before being decapitated before becomming my bacon in the morning, is an even worse waste of time? Or what?

I think if more people worried about their own lives and spent less time whining about some dipshit cause in Timbucktoo that we'd all be better off - more prepered for self defense, survival and for life and the protection of our loved ones. Of course seals will always be clubbed, clueless bimboes will end up as headless torsoes in a marsh somewhere and someone's god will disasppoint them, and still, some loser will find solace in a television show or a mangy pet, but at least I will be comfortable, for I know what I want, grasp for what I need, and make the best of it...

I don't know, maybe thats not me truly, but I just hate being told and expected to understand someone's opinion that is both contradictory and counterproductive to the good of society. If this was a perfect world, or there was great harm being done to many, yea sure, protest, but those Merikken Taliban idiots that want to ban abortions and make us follow their Baptist Allah, or those that support indescriminate death of dumb-fux who "die for their country", or tell me that I am not allowed to be me, a consenting adult who along with other consenting adults, behind the walls of our private residence, choose to indulge in the pleasures of the mind and body, or that I must support greed, curruption and styoopidity becaust it's "my flag"? No, sorry.

I'll watch as the new Rome collapses to an Islamic wasteland as the preachers and mullahs send their minions to battle as the trumpets of Meggido wail. Me the beautiful f*cked up man, may even be listening to Sarah and sipping a beer as the stars slowly go out, one by one. Hopefully, however, I'll have someone to hold on to as we slowly drift away...

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I was going to espouse more on the solace of not having like minds to challenge my comcept of the athiestic YHWH, and with the wife and kid off to some sporting event (ha, ain't that a switch, a man at home while the family goes to a game!) I was going to put some thought into this, but I guess I needed to blow off some steam on this above brew-haha. Speaking of that I think it's time for another brew and some Thin Mints...

To all thanks, to those I have offended, sorry, but that's the real world, and to those I have not yet encountered, please think before whining.

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