sara (pseudonymoniker) wrote in baneofexistence,

just curious

do you think anyone can truly use the excuse that they are products of their environment, or products of their culture? i mean to be technically everyone is a product of their environment. even someone who was born and raised in a completely empty, windowless, door less room, is a product of their lack of environment. I can understand to a point when teenagers do something stupid, like shoot up a school, and someone asks "Where were the parents?" but to what point is it out of a caregivers hands? What ever happened to people taking responsibility for their actions? its like everyone has given the responsibility up. everyone has something to blame for the poor decisions we make, be it god, or their upbringing, or fate, or determinism, or circumstances, or their past, or their failures. its as if we made a generation of victims. a generation where everyone is obligated to feel at mercy to the "forces that be." we all need an excuse to not try so there is not chance for us to fail. what kind of a society would produce a generation like this? perhaps its because we no longer agree upon a benevolent god. perhaps its because we are so amazingly tied to this idea of individualism to realize that we are surrounded by the exact same individuals. either way, i hope its just a transition because i think its pretty fucking pathetic.

what do you think?
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