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just curious

do you think anyone can truly use the excuse that they are products of their environment, or products of their culture? i mean to be technically everyone is a product of their environment. even someone who was born and raised in a completely empty, windowless, door less room, is a product of their lack of environment. I can understand to a point when teenagers do something stupid, like shoot up a school, and someone asks "Where were the parents?" but to what point is it out of a caregivers hands? What ever happened to people taking responsibility for their actions? its like everyone has given the responsibility up. everyone has something to blame for the poor decisions we make, be it god, or their upbringing, or fate, or determinism, or circumstances, or their past, or their failures. its as if we made a generation of victims. a generation where everyone is obligated to feel at mercy to the "forces that be." we all need an excuse to not try so there is not chance for us to fail. what kind of a society would produce a generation like this? perhaps its because we no longer agree upon a benevolent god. perhaps its because we are so amazingly tied to this idea of individualism to realize that we are surrounded by the exact same individuals. either way, i hope its just a transition because i think its pretty fucking pathetic.

what do you think?
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Parents have legal, fiscal and moral control of their children until age 18. They should be held accountable for their spawnings.

IMHO, too many people fling blame like it's the new trend, and leave responsibility for the lawyers and crime scene cleaners to sort out.

(What's a god have to do with all this???)

However the adults also have fallen into the "fuckit" trap, and are also sending us to some poo filled sewer of war and apathy.

I just find it not only pathetic, but almost amusing; seing as I have so little to lose.

Fascinating rant there.
People don't really have a large degree of free will. As such, while they ought to be held accountable for their actions, it's very hard to personally fault someone for doing something stupid.
I fall into this trap a lot - perhaps only escaping it when I've not thought about it, just been natural. I always feel if I'd been shown the way better when younger I'd have not just something to look up to but strength built upon by a foundation of generations. I can't even respect the WWII generation.
Or I feel generally intimidated by the complexity of this world. Just talking to someone they imagine if I'm silent for more than 3 seconds I don't know what to say.
I.e. the speed and general attitude of this world does not slot in nicely for me, and I seemingly can't build a network of friends that has any stability to it. Which might further increase my options and toughen my skin in relation to the human world. I.e I am a writer/artistic/sensitive, thoughtful type of person and oh god they'll never accept me.
This type of thing crops up in me sometimes. How does one explain why year after year I fail to complete essays even though I get interested in the material and could feasibly do a whole project, causing me to be spurred on even more, I know that's in there somewhere. If I accept that I am lazy, lazy to accept whatever siphons into the bloodstream of our generation, or intellectually lazy despite what I am vaguely saying, why did that happen? Do I need to strap on a pair? How exactly is that achieved?
And, inevitably - how are you a winner? (Is existentialism about this, comparisons are obvious) Why are you different?
First of all, I wouldn’t consider myself a "winner" in any shape or form. I never said I was any different as much as I was just commenting on people not actually taking responsibility for their actions. Perhaps its the dynamics of our times that produce so many people who are "out of control" of our actions. Your motivation (or lack there of) should be seen as yours alone and not some product of society/upbringing/etc. that you are slave to. This is not to say that these things don't affect the way you think on a subconscious level. It’s more that they are a part of you as much as your art or writing. Either way all I'm asking is that people perhaps take more responsibility for their own actions, and not just blame other circumstances for the way they are. It just seems a bit silly that people are no longer responsible for what they do but instead just subject to circumstance.

Thank you for posting, I enjoyed reading it.

You ask what sort of society produces this 'poor me' mentality?

One interested in Comfort, maybe. Ease. Pain avoidance. Simplicity. Satisfaction. Self-preservation. Pleasant standards of living.

Or is it consequences? A decision is made, consequences issue forth. Blaming some external force, well now, that deflects consequences (probably not the consequence of getting one's arm chopped off, but it certainly helps in cases where someone's decision relies on their judgement of your circumstances). Personal responsiblity OWNS consequence, doesn't it?

Some folks will talk about 'miserable ease'. it's a good concept. If you made a poor decision in a different day, you didn't end up with say, a debt, or some mark on some semi-permanent record. You died, you lost things; this is the side of personal responsibility not talked about as much. one, in thinking it, assumes the privelege of constant correct decision making.

In this incessant drive to 'homogenize' the World at Large, rather than suffer such harsh justice, it is easier to play these bizarre liability games. Clashes don't kill now, they drift gently to earth in sea of paper work, justifications, finger points, and compromises. (I would compare it to breakup styles. Some folks prefer to have little small passive-aggressive conflicts that erupt over time, until finally both parties feel comfortable enough to move on without incident. Not very many would enjoy the sort to show up, sit down, tell their significant other to fuck off, and then depart.) Easier. Less jarring.

(for the record, I'm the second type. I like personal responsibility because I'm sick with pride and want ownership of anythign I put my name on. Then again, I don't think being wrong is a mortal sin.)

I'd like to think it's transitional. What people ought to do in great big groups such as 'societies' (whether chained together by national pride or the point of a gun doesn't matter) is easily talked about in wonderful, comfortable, clean, efficient terms, but it leaves something out. When you get to the one-on-one, folks are still complicated, irrational, meesy, savage, and disgusting creatures, and I'd like to think folks are learning to embrace that again, and get rid of such bizarre things as shame and blame. I'd like to think being a mite messy and painful has produced the wonders of humanity thus far.

Then again, perfection, while very motivating, is a merciless sonofabitch.
And I say this at great peril to myself. No, you can't use the devil made me do it as an excuse for anything. You are responsible for anything that you do. Be it intentional or mistake, it is done. I was raised poorly in a not very nice place. I won't go into details. My life in a nutshell has been a living hell. But at the heart of it all, I am the one holding the keys to my salvation or damnnation. I must take responsibilty. Because even if I don't, I am still responsible.
You are correct in stating that a generation of victims has been made. When you research the history of mind control, you can see that it is something that has been perpertrated on innocent victims since WWII. This mind control has only increased as time has allowed for even more sophisticated devices. You should read, Brice Taylor's book, Thanks for the Memories. This is a truthful account of how a young girl was sold to be a sex slave for the government. As a young child she was brutally abused by her family, and this created multiple personalities. These personalities were exploited for different reasons by the individuals controlling her entirely. To consider that the fate of this girl is actually quite a regular thing, alarms average individuals, that the corruption is allowed completely. This makes you realize that the sort of behavior that allows others to 'blame,' is not based on true guilt of crime. Many individuals commit the most heinous crimes and get away with it.