sara (pseudonymoniker) wrote in baneofexistence,

as for an introductory entry

i'm curious about this community because i'm on a search to find a group of ranters with the proper amounts of curiosity, intelligence, and maturity to be worth discussing things with on a regular basis. i'd prefer a forum that is not specifically for ranting about political agendas, faulty political agendas, or lack of political agendas, because they are "a dime a dozen." i hope my criteria will be met here.

-Thank You
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Politics - ah they are all politicians...

Curiosity, intelligence, and maturity?

Where? I have been searching too.


It's quiet here.

But not in the fashion that one would criticize. It's a solemn quiet. The type you'd find in old libraries that stink of thinner. Me? I like it.

Haven't seen too many 'stock' opinions across this particular board (aside from the occasional amusing spammer). Probably why I've been here as long as I have.