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Rotten Device...

Consider the dangers of forgetting that there are fundamental limits on the scope of human understanding. While being overrun by a limitless stream of information in our contemporary culture we are increasingly prone to crude over-simplifications. This forgetting or active repression of our experience can be countered through art by escaping the confines of concepts and letting intuition run free through our individual experiences of life.

It's easy, safe and comfortable to place a label on something; to subjugate experience down into a concept. If we look, however, at the process of concept construction we see something that is subjective; something that could have 'gone the other way.' Binary logic is, by its very nature, flawed (biased). It imposes a preferential hierarchy on one term and then defines it's opposite by negating this initial concept. As opposed to this rigid and rational device, language needs to allow for movement, interpretation and subjectivity.

While not being of the opinion that there is a "truth of the world" that metaphor can explain better than a concept, I think that metaphor is more honest and aware of what processes are involved in it's use. This trend of awareness is what I think is lacking in contemporary culture, most people subscribe to the 'information' that is our there and accept it as fact/knowledge without fully considering its fundametal opperation.

For me music allows for interpretation and subjective experience and it is in music that I am able to escape form the black and white forced upon me in everyday life. I'm excited by the unknown and skeptical about anyone who thinks that they 'have the answers'. It's not that music (art) provides an answer but it is a much needed return to a life lived within "the body" as opposed to the rational life lived in "the mind." I use these terms reluctantly as I know that a dualistic theory falls into binary logic. Knowledge is no good as a dead concept, rather it be open to an interpretive experience.
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Would a three part logic system suit you better. Aristotle was the first WESTERN thinker to come fourth with the idea. Science is usally opposed to this idea but math on the other hand is more open to the idea. There are a few diffrent ways to look at it. I'll have to go back and look at some old class notes to help any further. If your interested just let me know.