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Hi Everyone! I’m new to the community. Here’s a short introduction:

I attend Boston University School of Theology as a Masters of Theological Studies candidate. My primary interests are the conflictual identity formation of the early Jesus movement, postmodern theology (in particular Rowan Williams), Islamic theology (kalaam), and religion and its relationship to conflict. I’m an agnostic Christian, or a Christian agnostic, emphasis depending on the day or hour.

Nietzsche holds a special place of affection for me, as one of my favorite masters of suspicion. His scenario, imagining a lonely planet orbiting a star in a random corner of the universe where those who inhabited this world invented words like truth and goodness, but the star cooled with entropy and the creatures of the planet died and along with them their words, yet the universe continued, appealed to me because of the wound that it inflicts on our precious egos and the question with which it leaves people. Does anyone know we’re here? Does faith in a god even remove this? Or does his question reconstitute faith in a new way? This seems most appropriate to this community and why I found it appealing (in 500 words or less, ha).
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