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baneofexistence's Journal

Human, all too Human.
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This community is not for answers, for none truly exist. I only wish to gather here those who truly feel the weight that existence and free will burden us with. Why are we here, what is our purpose, how did we get here, where do we go and why, THESE are the things I truly wish to discuss here.

I now must warn you, you must at least post an introductory entry telling perhaps why you agree with the general idea behind this community, perhaps why you joined, and whatnot.
****** aquinas, absinthe, acid, aesthetics, agnosticism, agony, anger, annihilation, annihilationism, antichristianity, apocalypse, aristotle, atheism, ayahuasca, black metal, cannabis, chaos, christ, cocaine, conditional immortality, creationism, creativity, damnation, darkthrone, dead, death, debating, destruction, determinism, devastation, di-polar theism, disease, doom, drugs, dualism, dying, election, eternity, ethics, evil, evolution, existentialism, faith, fear, foreknowledge, free will, friedrich nietzsche, fury, god, good, hallucinations, hate, hatred, heroin, holocaust, how?, idealism, immortality, insanity, intelligence, jesus, killing, killing everything, liquor, logic, lsd, marijuana, metaphysics, misanthropy, misery, monotheism, monothelitism, moral theology, morality, morals, mushrooms, mystical theology, natural theology, nietzsche, nihilism, ontological impossibility, ontology, open view theism, opiates, orthodoxy, paganism, pain, pcp, peyote, philosophy, plato, positivism, postmodern theology, pot, pragmatism, predestination, process theology, psychoactives, psychology, punishment, purgatory, rage, rationalism, reason, relational theology, relativism, religion, revelation, salvation, satan, self-determining freedom, shrooms, skepticism, socrates, souls, spiritual warfare, suffering, suicide, synergism, systematic theology, the demonic, the historical jesus, the problem of evil, the soul, theology, time, transcendentalism, truth, ubermensch, universal ethics principle, vengeance, violence, war, warfare, weed, what?, when?, where?, who?, why?, wisdom